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The taste that will make your heart beat harder.


#Yolo is the hottest sauce in Dziki Bill’s regular offer (only the limited-offer Ninja sauce is hotter). Yolo is like the pepper it was made from. At first it acts all innocent, and a moment later it burns your throat and heats up the whole body. Feeling cold? Eat #Yolo! The Naga peppers have a slightly tangy aftertaste, but this isn’t going to be the thing that will make you shed happy tears.

What’s the taste like?

At first you will only taste ripe, juicy tomatoes. 3… 2… 1… And it starts – first you will feel a light sting on your tongue and palate. It will get stronger, but fade in comparison with what you’ll feel after swallowing. First, you will feel a distinct burning in your throat. Then you will feel warmth spreading all over your body, you’ll have tears in your eyes and you… believe it or not, some
time later you will try it again.

It goes well with…

The #Yolo sauce is very versatile. It allows to add scorching heat to every dish. Other than that, it only adds the taste of peppers.

Bill’s favorite use? Russian roulette with pizza :D.

Dziki Bill Iskra

Dziki Bill Iskra is the perfect BBQ sauce – not only for chilliheads. Is it hot? Yes – it is among the hotter available BBQ sauces. But its greatest strength is its taste. It has a perceptible whiskey note, honey and high-quality Habanero and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers that will it will make your eyes open wider. This product is not vegan – it contains honey.

What’s the taste like?

First you will taste the signature sweetness of Dziki Bill sauces – here the job is done by honey. The next tastes are a distinct smoky flavor and the unmistakable tomato-pepper umami taste.

It goes well with…

As the name indicates, Iskra BBQ is a perfect sauce for barbecue. But when the season is over, you won’t stop using it. You’ll eat it with Thanksgiving turkey, Easter eggs, home-made burgers and every sandwich.

Habanero X Hot Sauce

Until recently, the Habanero X Sauce was Dziki Bill’s hottest sauce and the most popular product in our mix. You don’t need to wait long for the hotness to kick in, and its taste and sting stays for quite a long time. Hot as hell for beginners and a perfect everyday use sauce for chilliheads. Despite its hotness, Habanero X is as tasty as his brothers – and some even claim it’s much better!

What’s the taste like?

First you will taste a light sweetness and a tangy flavor at the same time. The power of the Habanero peppers kicks in a moment later. In Habanero X, the taste of tomatoes gives way to a light sweetness and a smoky flavor obtained by adding smoked pepper and maple syrup. We won’t say much about the hotness – if you’re into this, you know what to expect. It will burn and it will sting – you will be satisfied, but also surprised with the taste.

It goes well with…

Mix it with tomato sauce and watch. Add it to chili con carne and make your family remember your cooking with tears in their eyes. And our favorite recipe: you only need a spoon and the Dziki Bill Habanero X sauce and the breakfast of champions is ready.

Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Dziki Bill Jalapeno Sauce is doubtlessly the most interesting hot sauce available in Poland. It is not much milder the Habanero Sauce, but it has a very fresh taste, entirely different from what one might expect from a hot sauce.

What’s the taste like?

First, there will be an intense smell of Jalapeno  peppers and the freshness of cumin. The first perceptible taste is a little tangy. Then, it gives way to a
very strong taste of Jalapeno peppers. Cumin adds an immense freshness of taste and smell. Combined with the jalapeno peppers, it will make your
eyes open wider. Fans of hot sauce know the pleasant tingling when you try something that tastes perfect and is really hot at the same time. This is exactly the effect of Dziki Bill Jalapeno.

It goes well with…

The sauce is a great addition to every meal, seasoning it with hotness and a light sweetness. It goes well with Indian, Mexican and American food as well as dips. Our suggestion is to use it in curry, shakshouka, egg sandwiches and pilaf. We know from our own experience that you’ll be adding this sauce to just about everything. When we first discovered this sauce, we were sure that it is it. Eureka!

Habanero Hot Sauce

Dziki Bill Habanero Sauce is our first hot sauce and the reason behind the success of the brand. It’s exceptionally hot and completely different from the products you know. It’s many times hotter than the widely available so-called “spicy” sauces. At the same time, it makes for a much better dip than the popular imported products. It’s the most universal Dziki Bill Sauce, as it doesn’t significantly alter the taste of the dish. It’s a classic among hot
sauces. Even Bill himself uses this sauce most of all.

What’s the taste like?

First, you will taste a light sweetness, and then a slight tanginess. Thanks to the high content of capsaicin in the Habanero pepper, along with the wave of hotness, you will be hit by a very distinct taste of ripe tomatoes. This sauce tastes a little fruity thanks to Habanero peppers and has a slight vegetable flavor because of Pepperoni peppers.

It goes well with…

The sauce is suitable for all dishes that require the umami taste. It goes exceptionally well with burgers, bruschettas, Mexican dishes and… Polish food. Dziki Bill-style pierogies? Why not? Who’s gonna stop you?

Dziki Bill Habanero contains no artificial ingredients. Its taste changes depending on the used peppers, but it is never a matter of chance. We love the moment when the burning taste of Dziki Bill brings smiles to faces and takes breaths away. Just try and you’ll get it.


Make sure to read the information below.


We don’t measure sauce hotness in SHU units. The Scoville method, though very popular, is equally inaccurate. Especially with our taste buds that are used to extreme hotness levels. So, we offer you the following three answers to
choose from: 1. It’s perfectly hot. 2. I’ve had hotter, but this is the tastiest one. 3. I’ve never had anything so hot!


Our sauces are available mainly on the Internet – in our Store and on the Allegro platform. On our Facebook page (/sosdzikibill) we notify of new sales points and restaurants serving Dziki Bill.


To those who would like to buy a bigger bottle, preferably a one-gallon container, we say: “Great! We’re glad to hear that! All in due time – other bottle sizes are in our plans.”


We are convinced that you will appreciate Dziki Bill’s taste. Hotness is only one of the flavors you will taste. According to many studies, the capsaicin contained in the sauces is very healthy – and this is just one of the arguments in favor of learning how to take advantage of their benefits.


We don’t use any ingredients containing gluten in the production of Dziki Bill. However, ingredients containing various allergens, including gluten, are used the manufacturing site. Because of that, Dziki Bill is not a product marked as gluten free.


Any way you want! The only limit is our own imagination. If you’re looking for inspiration and some advice, read the descriptions of our sauces and our suggested recipes.


It depends. When it comes to beginners who aren’t yet used to very hot tastes, one bottle can be enough for as long as a couple of months. Intermediate chilliheads who are looking for challenges enjoy Dziki Bill for a couple of weeks. True seasoned veterans use the sauce up in a couple of days.


Yes! (Except for the vegetarian Iskra Sauce, which contains honey.) No boars were harmed in the production. The sauce has been repeatedly tested on the manufacturers and their families.

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